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We have found over 120 million email addresses spanning 7 million companies worldwide.

Our data has gone through multiple checks to ensure that there is no discrepancy to maintain efficacy. In the end, you get a verified, responsive, and accurate email that you can forever count on

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With Ampliz Email Finder, you can do real-time company email lookup to get the company emails without wasting time and resources.

This Bulk domain option comes in handy when you want to explore more than 20,000 domains at a time.

Get thousands of verified leads for cheap and build targeted campaigns to reach your sales goal and grow your network.

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What is Email Appending

In layman's language “appending” means to add or supplement. Hence, Email appending is a market practice that involves the addition of customer data & matching it against the vendor’s database to obtain email addresses.

Moreover, email appending also checks any inconsistency in the existing email addresses and replaces it instantly if it is found.

In short, it is a method of appending email addresses to the corresponding email list.

With email appending, you can append more than just an email adding various fields such as incomes, age, and other details. An append, transform your list of contacts into a list of real people.

Revamp your Contact Database with

Email Appending Services

The future of B2B marketing communication seems to be very bright. Moreover, business expansion through B2B marketing is impossible without having the right email addresses on your list.

There are several ongoing trends such as the new technique of multichannel communication, investment in R&D and audience engagement through customized content are the key drivers for B2B marketers in lead generation.

But most of the time B2B marketers fail to leverage the benefits from these technological trends as they don’t have the access to the right email contact database.

Hence, if your leads list or CRM is missing the direct email data and you are unable to access the best engagement channel which generates higher ROI, then partner with us.

At Ampliz, we will revamp your email database in minimum market time and offer you with the latest email addresses for your target audience and business prospects.

With our email appending services, you can have access to millions of executives, professionals, and decision-makers all across the US and the world. Hence, take action today and fill in the gaps in your database.


Steps involved in



At Ampliz, we value our clients' time, and our core aim is to enable clients to make informed decisions.

And we understand the necessity of a B2B marketing depositary with accurate email addresses in it. Hence, we follow a step-by-step approach to fully use this marketing channel to reach the right prospects.

These steps include:

  • Submit your database that needs to undergo email appending service
  • Your database will be matched precisely with our database.
  • We find out the respective email addresses and verify them before sending them.
  • Then the email appended database will be returned to you.
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Why choose

B2B Email Appending Services

from Ampliz?

  • At Ampliz, we power your workflows with instant B2B intelligence. Our segmented master list will help you with active, responsive, and updated email accounts.
  • With our massive in-house database, there is a little scope that we will not be able to provide the right email accounts that you are looking for.
  • Besides, our email appending services include the other details as well. Hence, if you wish your contact database to be updated with fax numbers, company names, sales, revenue details, and others, then we can customize it as well.
  • As Ampliz values the business concerns, hence we charge only for the data that is requested.
  • At Ampliz, we don’t believe in creating boundaries, hence we offer our service all across the USA and other countries as well. So whether you are looking for a service in the US, Canada, Brazil, and Australia for financialservices, technology, marketing, healthcare, travel, and real estate, Ampliz is the solution.
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Ampliz’s Email Appending Services

Benefits of Ampliz’s Email Appending Services

If you need to reconnect with old business prospects and find new prospects then Ampliz will enable you to access an updated and active email database.

With our B2B email appending services, you will be able to leverage several benefits such as-

  • Increase Your ROI : To generate a successful email marketing campaign, you need the right set of email addresses. Ampliz provides you with email appending services at competitive pricing. Our standard industry match rate is 70%, and we secure 95% email marketing deliverability by providing opt-in email addresses only.
  • Get access to inactive customers : With our email appending services, this goal is quite achievable for you. Once you get the right set of email addresses, you can identify the inactive customers and devise a re-engagement plan.
  • Reduce time & cost : At Ampliz, we value the time of your clients. Hence, we offer email appending services at competitive pricing. You have to pay just for your successful email. And with our right set of email addresses, your message reaches the right inboxes in a lesser period.
  • Enhance Customer Service : Email appending is still a prevalent trend to reach out to your target customers. It is an efficient way to tell your customer that you care. With the right Email appending services, you will scale in the business and maintain long-lasting relations as well.
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Email Appending FAQ

The email appending utilizes the known prospects data such as name, postal address, phone number, etc., and searches for the corresponding email list from the vendor’s repository.

In simple words, it updates the existing email data with new prospects and boosts the email campaign rate.

At Ampliz, our e-appended database is 95% accurate.

We have an experienced team of data scientists utilizing an all-encompassing, proprietary verification and validation process to check the authenticity and deliverability of email addresses.

Moreover, we offer the cleanest and organized email repository for the right prospects.

Email appending is one of the efficient ways to reach the right prospects.

With email appending you can directly connect with your business prospect without any hassle. By using email appending services you can:

  • Reduce Response Time
  • Minimize the expenditures
  • Maximize the ROI
  • Expand marketing opportunities
  • Win back lost customers
  • Establish strong customer relationship

Yes, absolutely. Email appending enables you to scale your marketing campaign at ease.

This is the reason, marketers are using email appending services to cut the operation cost, and build a comprehensive email list of top decision-makers, and technology users.

Email appending services have gained huge popularity in recent times. Companies that offer email appending services, first consider the client database and match it against the vendor database and then send it to our clients.

It reduces the overall operational cost and provides a new and updated database to clients.

Once you choose us as your email appending partner, we will work towards revamping your existing email list.

At Ampliz, we offer verified, validated, and accurate email addresses of a niche audience base.

Email appending is a process that involves the process of updating and adding email addresses into your existing database to scale your marketing campaign.

Here are few pointers to get the best practice :

  • Regularly update your email database
  • Use opt-in-data to connect with the target audience
  • Send append list from different IP
  • Maintain the vendor track records and inquire about their bounces, grievances, and unsubscribes.

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