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Our 6-Step Data Process

We keep a firm eye on the changing market needs and work on a flexible model that helps us build custom data solutions for you. We promise you will find us incredibly nimble-footed. That's because our process is flexible and scalable.


Data collection from 500 + credible sources


Addressing data errors and inconsistencies


Transformation of cleansed data into useful data through ML


Prospect intelligence adding and quality check


Accuracy check via telephone and email verification processes


Ensuring near real-time data updates

Data Collection from Credible Sources

Our data is gathered from a wide range of credible sources such as government records and listings, tradeshows, corporate events, annual reports, public filings, business and trade magazine subscriptions, B2b directories, and more. We also work with third-party data vendors to create the first data cut.

Eliminating Errors & Inconsistencies

Once the first cut of data is ready, it goes through a thorough cleansing process where a team of data experts weed out errors, inconsistencies, and duplications, if any.

Data Processing

This step entails converting raw data into meaningful data that is ready to use. As part of this process, data is reorganized in a clear, concise format to enable analysis.

Adding Prospect Intelligence

One of the most important steps in our data process is to add intelligence to data. A team of researchers add prospect intelligence to the datasets and tailor the data as per your specific requirement. This team also undertakes specific client tasks like Total Addressable Market or providing premium personalized data – not commonly available in the industry.

Accuracy Check

In a continuous endeavor, we ensure that our datasets are fresh and accurate. A team of 800+ data experts perform the verification tasks by reaching out to all the contacts via phone or email, verifying every data set. This team also goes through the contacts' social profiles and adds their links to the final database.

Freshness Audit

People movements within B2b industries often make databases outdated and irrelevant. To ensure that data served to our clients is 100% accurate, we use machine learning algorithms to update data in real-time. Additionally, we also follow the manual process of updating our datasheets every month.

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